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  1. The Game
  2. Rules
  3. The Beginning
  4. Tips for the Game
  5. Silver and Gold
  6. Pokemon
  7. Ranks
  8. TM's and HM's
  9. Administrators
  10. Register
  11. Contact
  12. Activate Account
  13. Forgot your username
  14. Forgot password
  15. Account options
  16. Profile
  17. Rankinglist
  18. Pokemon information
  19. Pokemon re order
  20. Sell ‚Äč‚Äča pokemon
  21. Release a pokemon
  22. Items
  23. Badge case
  24. My house
  25. Pokedex
  26. Buddy list and Block list
  27. Messenger
  28. Attack
  29. Gyms
  30. Duel
  31. Work
  32. Race
  33. Traders
  34. Steal and Spying
  35. Choose a level
  36. Donate
  37. Pokemon center
  38. Market
  39. Bank
  40. Boat
  41. House seller
  42. Transfer list
  43. Daycare
  44. Name specialist
  45. Shiny specialist
  46. Jail
  47. Gamble

The Game

The Pokemon RPG Online is an online multiplayer game.
The game has six worlds and 700+ pokemon!
Anyone may join for free, also you can pay for additional features.
Our goal is to be one of the biggest multiplayer sites on the net.
Wwe are working hard to keep the site updated.

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The rules are pretty simple for Pokemon RPG Online:
  • No swearing (on your profile or via a message).
  • Do not ask for passwords.
  • Never give your password away.
  • Do not spam.
  • Not advertising other websites.
  • No double accounts.
If you do not keep to the rules you will get ban from the server.

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The begin

The game beginning, Professor Oak will come to you.
He repeats the rules again and then he give you a Pokemon egg.
Each region can choose from among different starting pokemon.
Once you have chosen your Pokémon the game will begin.

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Tips for the Game

  • The Pokemon Generations has been optimized Firefox browser.
  • If youre on a public computer (ie something at school). Do not forget to logout of the game.
  • If you go on vacation, then put all your money in the bank and put your pokemon to the daycare.
  • Always buy poke balls first before you fight. Who knows what you suddenly encounter.
  • If you are looking for a Pokemon, look at the Pokemon Info where you looking for.
  • Become a VIP, the extra features are very good.
  • Try to catch a shiny ditto, can be very useful in the daycare.

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Silver and Gold

Here in the Pokemon RPG Online have two types of currency::
  • = Silver.
  • = Gold.
Silver is the general means of payment. Silver earn gambling and other job opportunities.
Gold is the premium currency. Some things can only buy gold:
  • Buy Master ball
  • Buy Rare candy
  • Username change
  • Sending gold to other players
  • Shiny Specialist
  • Pekemon reset

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In the Pokemon RPG Online world, more than 700 Pokémon can be capture.
A shiny pokemon is the same as normal pokemon but rarer and another color.
You can recognize a shiny pokemon On the behind the name and the color of the pokemon.

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In the game the following rankings found at:
  1. Newbie
  2. Beginner
  3. Bully
  4. Casual
  5. Trainer
  6. Great Trainer
  7. Traveller
  8. Macho
  9. Gym Leader
  10. Shiny Trainer
  11. Elite Trainer
  12. Commander
  13. Master
  14. Shiny Master
  15. Mystery Trainer
  16. Professional
  17. Ranger
  18. Elite Ranger
  19. Hero
  20. King
  21. Champion
  22. Legend
  23. Untouchable
  24. Immortal
  25. Arena-Master
  26. Arena-Champion
  27. Arena-Hero
  28. Ultimate
  29. Pokémon Master
  30. Legendary Champion

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TM's and HM's

Here in the Pokémon Generations you can found 92 TM and 8 HM attack.

A TM can be purchased in the market. All TM attack the same type Pokémon to learn to know, such as an ice attack only a ice type Pokémon can learn. Some types of attacks can be up to type.

HM attack only earn by defeating Gym leaders.
A HM attack so many times you can use as many times as you like..

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There are always a few administrators in a Game.
These are the functions of an administrator:
  • Help people by answering their questions.
  • Updates for the site.
An administrator can all read messages everyone sends each other. This is sure to protect members.

If you see an error in the game we would like to hear.
If you or someone you offscheld any extent offended let us know, we will do our best to have something to do On.

Do not ask yourself whether you can be an administrator. If we need a new one, then we choose them. Based on how you do on the Game.
In other words, if you often help someone, you are often online, and so on. Then you are more likely.

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If it is possible fill in each blank fields.
The email address must be valid at, because they will be sent an activation email.
Check that you have given to good data. Try not to lie!
Always remember what email address you used to register on the website. You will be sent to your email account activation code.

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If there is a problem, then you can get in touch with us in case:
  • Activation mail not received.
  • The activation does not work.
  • I can not get into my account.
Of course, you can reach us in relation to others, too:
  • If you would like to advertise something (events, website, etc. ...)
  • If you have a question.
Contact menu is only visible if youre not logged in to the site. This is because when you enter you can send a message directly to the Administrator.

As quickly as possible, respond to your email or your message.

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Activate account

Before you play, please activate your account.
The activation code will be sent to you by email.

If you are unable to activate the account please let us know by contact.

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Forgot username

Enter your email and your username will be sent to your email address.

If you do not receive email please let us know by contact.

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Forgot password

Enter your username and email and get a new password sent to your e-mail address.
Login with the new password and you can change your password in the game at Account options - Password.

If you do not receive email please let us know by contact.

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Account options

Account options has 5 different page's:

Here you can edit your data.
Please update your profile as honestly as possible to fill, so first name, last name, country, and sex.
You can also check whether your team and badges on your profile come to be.

Badges on your profile is only available if you have a badge box.

Here you can change your password.
Try this easy to remember.

Everything you enter is below the bottom of your profile to stand.
If you click on Here there will appear a page where all codes as responsible:
  • Set youtube videos on your profile.
  • Set a pokemon on your profile.
  • Change text color.
  • Etc. etc.
Restart account
You can restart your account 1 time at a day.
This is to allow members not every 15 minutes restart their account because they do not like their pokemon.
Suppose you do not like your pokemon you can always trade with someone. If this really does not work you can always consider about 24 hours to restart your account.

Here you can change your character sprite.
The character sprites change the price 1000 silver.

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Each member has his/her own profile.
Which is also accessible if you are not logged in through rankinglist.
Add to your profile no negative things about other players. Invective are not allowed.
You can make your profile very nice, see for Account options - Profile above.

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This is the list of all the members sorted by rank.
If you are not logged in you can also see this page. So know what you're doing!
The top 50 will also be given a medal on their profile.

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Pokemon information

Select a pokemon and you find all the information you need.
You can even see where you can that find pokemon (which area + world).

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Pokemon reorder

With this system you have the pokemon drag up or down.
It will automatically be saved.

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Sell a pokemon

You can sell a pokemon.Set him on the transferlist.
Someone can buy the pokemon you have set him on t he transferlist.

A pokemon has a certain value, the asking price may be worth up to 1.5x and at least half of its value.
You can't sell your starter pokemon, who is too much attached to you.

A Premium Member may set 3 pokemon on the transferlist. A normal member 1.
You can sell a pokemon from rank 4 Casual.

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Release a pokemon

You can release a pokemon on Pokemon Generations.
You'll get the ball back which caught, at least if your item box is not full.
You can't release your starter pokemon, who is too much attached to you.
Note: this can not be reversed.

You can release a pokemon from rank 5 Trainer.

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Here I kept all the items you have.
They can also be used or sell.
You start with a bag, it can contain 20 items. If you want more items you have to buy in the market a Yellow box, Blue box or Red box.

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Badge box

For each world, you have a box for your badges.
The badges come automatically to lie here if you have them.
You get a badge box from the gymleader you as first defeat.

This page is only accessible if you've got the badge box from a gymleader.

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My house

In the normal pokemon games are the pokemon move in the pokemon center with a computer.
In Pokemon Generations is different, you have a house!
You start with a box, 2 pokemon here can stay in.
At the house seller you can buy a house which can accommodate more pokemon.

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In your Pokedex is saved what pokemon you've seen and what you have caught.
You should first buy a Pokedex at the market.

Pokedex chip
You can also buy at the market a Pokedex chip. that's a update for your Pokedex.
With this you can see the level of a wild pokemon.

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Send message

You can send a message on Pokemon Generations to another member.
Think about what you are sending. When rules state what can and can not!

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Buddylist and Blocklist

The buddylist is easy to make someone to give money or send a message. You no longer need to search for a player.

Here all members in that you have blocked.
A member who has blocked you can not send messages, you also not to those.
Apply this also as someone insulted you.

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You can send a message on Pokemon Generations to another member.

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First you choose a map where you want to fight.
Then a pokemon appear who wants to fight you.

Shiny & Legendary pokemon
You can even encounter Shiny pokemon or Legendary. It does not matter what rank you are, the probability of a Shiny or Legendary is always great.
Happiness mandatory course you off as much as possible to continue attacks.

Sometimes a trainer or Team Rocket suddenly appears to fight you. You have a chance when the trainer or Team Rocket is defeated you get an item or some silver.

Before you can run you first need to buy a bike in the market.
A bicycle works only a with wild pokemon, So not at a trainer battle.

If you lose 25% of your silver off, what cash you have with you.
Go therefore often along the pokemon center! Do not gamble on another pokemon because there is always a trainer emerge.

Error code
When suddenly an error code pops would be useful to mention them to an administrator. Tell then also the error code you saw.

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In each world are 8 gyms. You can only challenge a gym if you rank is high enough.
  • = Pokemon is alive.
  • = Pokemon is Knock out.
You only win if all the pokemon from gymleader are Knock out.

After the fight, the gymleader gives you what you deserve. This is usually a badge and some silver.

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You can also in Pokemon Generations duel against other members.
If you win you get the pickled price.

It will be saved who wins.

Duel is only accessible if you're Premium, you can only duel against a Premium Member.

Duel is only available from rank 5 Trainer.

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In Pokemon Generations you can also work for some silver.
The higher your rank how easy the work is. This also means that when you start you can not rob casino. The chance that this will happen is very small.

A Premium Member has additional job opportunities.

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You can race against other members.
The system automatically selects your fastest pokemon, race you there. Against the fastest of your opponent.
The pokemon can running up against a tree, etc.
If a race invitation already 3 days old it will be automatically deleted.

Racing is available from rank 4 Casual.

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There are also trainers who want to trade pokemon.
They tell you what pokemon they want and what they have for you.
Tip: exchange as much as possible because this will cause the pokemon after a battle more EXP points.

Traders are only available from rank 5 Trainer.

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Steal and Spy

You can steal some silver from someone in Pokemon City. Your pokemon should point out stronger as that of your opponent. This varies of course.

You can also spy on a member, you hereby hire Team Rocket.
They will give you all the data they have collected.
Tip: first go spy on someone before you go rob.

A Premium Member can steal 5x per day. A normal member 3x.
Steal and Spy is available from rank 3 Bully.

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Choose a level

Choose a level is a function where you can check what level pokemon you want to encounter in the wild.

This function is only available from rank 18 Untouchable.

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Here you can buy Premium days. The benefits of premium are able to each pack.

We also sell discount packs. such as:
  • 30000 Silver pack.
  • 75 Gold pack.
Please first ask your parents/guardians if you can pay.

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Pokemon center

You can heal your pokemon here again full of life.
It is free, it just takes some time.

A Premium member must wait 10 sec for the healing of the pokemon, and a normal member 30 seconds.

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In the market you can buy all the things you need:
  • Balls
  • Potions
  • Items
  • Special items
  • Stones
  • TM's
Pokemon eggs are only available from rank 5 Trainer.

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Functions of the Bank:
  • Deposit silver to the bank.
  • Deposit silver from the bank.
  • Transfer money to another member.
Tip: Deposit as much silver you have cash to the bank. Then no one can steal. Spread it on the day, not that you already out of turns in the morning.

A Premium Member can deposit money to the bank 5x per day, a normal member 3x.

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Rent a boat

You can rent a boat to sail to another world.
This takes no time, you're there in less than 1 second!
You paid tickets for all your pokemon + yourself.

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Houses seller

Buy a house on Pokemon Generations. The bigger the house, the more pokemon in it can stay.
You can not sell your house and you can only get better buy than you already have.

If you have a Villa (the biggest house) house seller disappears from the menu.

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Here you can buy pokemon.
The higher your rank, the higher the level is what you can buy from the transferlist.
If you bought a Pokemon is in your home.

The transferlist is available from rank 4 Casual.

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Here you can bring pokemon and the daycare is trying to train them.
Sometimes a pokemon even grows 2 levels per day!

Sometimes you get a baby pokemon (an egg). You can pick it up at the daycare if there is 1.
There can only be an egg if the 2 pokemon are the same. For instance:
If you have a 2 Pikachu's and brings to the daycare, you get an egg with Pichu.
A Pikachu and Raichu will not work.

If both are shiny pokemon, the pokemon from the egg will also be shiny.

It works only with pokemon that are not rare.

Tip: a Ditto can come in handy.

A Premium Member can bring 2 Pokemon at the daycare and a normal member 1 pokemon.
The daycare is available from rank 4 Casual.

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Name specialist

The name specialist can change the name of a pokemon.
the kost 40 silver. And your name is changed to the name that you want
Note: the name may not be a scold name

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Shiny specialist

The shiny specialist can make a pokemon shiny with gold. Each pokemon has a certain amount of gold needed to be shiny.Due to the impact of the shiny gold 'evolving' the pokemon into a shiny pokemon.

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In jail
Sometimes you gets in jail because you're trying to steal something at work, or do anything else wrong.
You can buyout yourself whether you should hope that someone else breaks you out (released).

You can also go to visit someone in jail and buy him/her out, or break free.

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Toss a coin
A simple game where you have to guess whether the coin is heads or tails.
If you do it right you win the stake back twice, in error, you lose the silver.

Who is the quiz
In the 'Who is the quiz' you have to guess what the name is from the pokemon.

Each member can do this 1 time per hour.

Wheel of Fortune
Wheel of Fortune is an additional function to free what to get. Spin the wheel and see what your price is.

A Premium Member can spin the wheel 3x per day, a normal member 1x.

Cracking the safe
At 'Cracking the safe' you have to guess the code. If you are wrong 200 Silver is going in the pot. If you got it right, you win the pot and then it get reset and put the pot back on 1000 Silver.

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