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Website started

Hello trainers!

Welcome everybody in my website. I hope everyone will feel good here. I wish everyone to gain a lot of great Pokémon, friends and rival. The website contains a lot of features for you (Maps, Pokemon forms, Trade, Casino, Pokeball craft, loots, task etc...).

If you like this website and my job please support me. If you have questions contact us.
ATTENTION!!! No admin recruiting.

Good luck and have fun!
Regards Kiru Hoshino

  • TimeLord - 2017-08-19 I love this game please do not discontinue or cancel this game has huge potential! The only issue i have is there is a bug in battle where it keeps saying for me to refresh other than that i love it!(L)
  • XtraneousTitan - 2016-03-18 Update: I found the name person. My Spiritomb is now (and will forever be) Ghost Rider.(H)
  • XtraneousTitan - 2016-03-17 The one thing I want is the ability to nickname our Pokemon. I really want to nickname my Shinx Jeff, my Piplup Mumble, and then catch a Gible to call Sharkbait.
  • Ten - 2016-03-04 Please fix the problem with certain IPs not being able to connect to the website which in turn requires them to use proxy just to load it. Thanks.